February 2011

Working SessionPARADE: public modes of assembly and forms of address

I contribute to Critical Practice, a cluster of artists, researchers and academics hosted by the CCW Graduate School at Chelsea College of Art and Design. We have a longstanding interest in art, public goods, spaces, services and knowledge, and a track record of producing original, participatory events.

In a bespoke, temporary structure designed by award-winning architects we produced PARADE a programme of events that explored the diverse, contested and vital conceptions of being in public.

PARADE was so successful we were able to produce a legacy publication, the book will be launched on Thursday 3rd March at 5.30 pm with a conversation about public protest with Joseph Heatcott, in the lecture theatre at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Maybe see you there?

Aphasic Disturbance

Exhibition curated by Stephen Bury. 19th January - 19th February 2011

I have two publications in the exhibition, the first, LOOT is from 1992

LOOTI had an exhibition of sculptures at the Cabinet Gallery, in London. They consisted of a series of re-made objects which ranged from classic Ikea furniture (like a Robert Morris artwork), Rietveld's prototype of the Red and Blue chair, a Picasso Still Life, a door, etc. They were all made from recycled cardboard, and some  laminated with appropriate finishes, like wood veneers or reflective plastic. I was interested in different economies of value, and objecthood.........For the duration of the exhibition, every day I placed the sculptures for sale in LOOT magazine, a vast pre-digital market of second-hand artifacts so that they could circulate amongst other things, other structures of evaluation.

Each week I collected six copies of LOOT as the catalogue of the exhibition, ringed the sculptures for sale and collated the newspapers into a bespoke slip-case. I was thinking about curatorial practices and strategies of collecting even as I was fabricating things.

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