Saturday 26th March

Histories of the PresentHistories of the PresentI went to the protest in London, it was a march to demmand [and propose] alternatives to the brutal ideaologicaly driven, financial cuts to public services.

A huge turnout, estimates are close to 500,000 people, meant that the multitude took four fours to pass a static point – a solid swathe of people from Blackfriars to Hyde Park. People travelled from all over the country and I even met people from France who had travelled in solidarity. It was a great day.

This was my favourite placard "Y ouren not sharing" which I took to be a sharp acusation to the bankers, bond traders, tax avoiders, derivative hedgers, dark-pool developers, our political-class and arcane financial instrument designers.

At the very moment our political class suggest there are no alternatives to an assult on public culture, this is the very moment to drive those alternatives home. 

Let this be a sign.

Here's a nice blogpost, and the march anticipates Media Squares












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