neil cummings

February 2010

Relational Machine

A week long working session, part of the Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess took place at Intermediæ in Madrid.

Timeline v1.0At the planning meeting on the 23rd December we decide to move the project along and develop the first iteration of the timeline. To develop the timeline into something more playful and sophisticated. We decide to start by making two sample views of the activities of Intermediae.

One is to track a collection of themed projects longitudinally through time, and the other to cut horizontally through a range of activities by choosing a random week of activities in 2009.  We have the idea of 'zooming-in' on a particular set of documents, and experiment with their representation.

Monday 8th February 2010

The various work areas of Intermediae, Programming, Administration, Production, Communication an Mediation have aggregated the requested documents into appropriate folders. So, we begin to collate the documents that will be the basis of the 'zoomed' timeline. We choose one sample work area - Communication, and within that we find and print sample documents of the longitudinal project strand or 'linea de trabajo' Permaculture.


Paseo de Chopera

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