neil cummings

September 2010

Lapdogs book

10 Sep 2010

LapdogsIts been a long time coming, but the book of the Lapdogs project is just published by Sternberg Press

Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie
Class Hegemony in Contemporary Art

Edited by Nav Haq and Tirdad Zolghadr

Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie investigates the latent issue of class underlying the field of contemporary visual art. On the one hand, it raises the question of whether a given socioeconomic background still helps define your artistic career—and to which point the said career might reflect or consolidate the hierarchies in question. On the other hand, the project asks whether the traditional analytical tools at our disposal are helpful in such an examination of the art world today.

Class inevitably raises awkward questions regarding the very participants, their backgrounds, patrons, and ideological partialities. This is perhaps the reason why the role of class structure has been so easily overlooked in the production and presentation of contemporary art, especially so in an era where artists are coaxed into anthropological framings of their practice.

What was it that made gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and nationality eclipse the class issue with such ease?


3 Hussein Basha Al Meamari
Qasr El Nil
Cairo Governorate

30.04961, 31.238


05 Aug 2010

Laboral Centre of Art and Creation

I spent the summer in Gijon, in northern Spain and visited LABoral.

LABoral is a centre for Art and Industrial Creation, it's an exhibition centre for art, science, technology and advanced visual industries.

LABoral is run through a non-profit foundation comprising corporations and institutions, founded expressly to ensure the intellectual and financial feasibility of the centre.


LABoral City of Culture
261, Calle Luis Moya Blanco
33203 Gijón Asturias

43.5241, -5.614

summer holiday

15 Aug 2010

Carmen outside Gijon



Looking along the coast
Gijon Asturias

43.5477, -5.5908


Intermediae FilmIn July 2010 I started filming some test material for a film comissioned by Intermediae. In many ways it expresses the research of Procesos de Archivo, and being set in the future it will be a companion film to Museum Futures.

I'm working on the storyboard, script, and we are in the process of securing the relevant funding.