neil cummings

October 2012


05 Dec 2010

In 2010 I collaborated with 51% studios on an entry into a com­pe­ti­tion, A Room for London. The brief was to design a tem­po­rary 'hotel' room on the roof of the Queen Eliz­a­beth Hall at the South Bank. Although our entry was rejected, I enjoyed the process and especially their blackboard traces. See more of the drawings.


51 architecture
1a Cobham Mews
United Kingdom

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19 Oct 2012

InsatiableChelsea College of Art & Design, London Friday 19 October 2012

As part of Critical Practice I helped facilitate Insatiable a symposium to critically examine the conflicted idea of sustainable growth and to envision alternatives.

Insatiable is an exchange between Art, Economics and Ecology. Each of the fields is contested and constantly changing, and the relationships between them are ambiguous and paradoxical. While the symposium offers a critical focus on ‘sustainable growth’, we aim to move beyond critique towards guidelines for creative action.

As a global centre for contemporary art and finance, London is a unique context in which to consider the conflicted idea of ‘sustainable growth’. Decades of constant economic expansion have overwritten considerations of ecological sustainability, even human survival.

V&A bicentenary

13 Oct 2012

V&A BicentenaryI made a presentation as part of: Artists Work in Museums: Histories, Interventions and Subjectivities

Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October 2012
at the V&A Museum, London

This two-day conference brings together artists, curators, historians and museum professionals to explore the history and impact of artists working in/with or against museums. The conference will explore the diverse, often hidden ways museums function as environments of cultural and identity production.


Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
United Kingdom

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