neil cummings

February 2013


16 Feb 2013


WasteAs part of Critical Practice I’ve been working on a series of events/walking tours/discussions. Over the next two years, we will work with a wide range of international partners to explore value from various and perhaps even contradictory perspectives. 

One strand of this research The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values will be a series of guided tours lead by a specific Broker, they will explore how different social practices of evaluation, are situated, localized and embedded in particular places, buildings, public spaces and institutions. 

The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values. Waste

Who: The Brokers are environmental lawyer and Dotmaker guide Rosie Oliver, and economic geographer Angus Cameron 

When: 10.00 for a 10.15am (sharp) start - Saturday 16th February (we leave at 10.15 sharp as Thames tides wait for no person!) 

Where: We will perambulate the Isle of Dogs, Greenwich and Blackheath, unpicking notions of waste, the unwanted and the marginal. The walking-tour format aims to investigate the specific situation of waste... Each activity will last an hour and a half, and comprise a combination of prepared tour, and animated discussion. 


Mudchute Farm
Pier Street
E14 3HP
United Kingdom

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