neil cummings

March 2015

Social Cinema

17 Jun 2006

I collaborated with architects Peter Thomas and Catherine du Toit of 51 architecture and Marysia Lewandowska, on Social Cinema, 17 Jun 2006 - 24 Jun 2006.

Social CinemaSocial Cinema consisted of a series of temporary cinemas, each installed for one night only into the existing urban fabric of the London Architectural Biennale designated route between Exmouth Market and the Millennium Bridge. Films about, set in, or commenting on London and its architecture were stunningly projected upon the city itself.

At each location, buildings became screens, steps seating, residents generously gave power, or loaned their houses as projection booths. The architectural fabric of the temporary cinemas was improvisery, and playful; pallets borrowed from an adjacent market made temporary bleachers, plastic crates from local pubs and restaurants became seating, neighbours joined the audience, and volunteers with torches transformed into ushers. Social Cinema turned un-built spaces into auditoria and spectacularly intervened in neglected places around landmark buildings.


London Architectural Biennale
Thames Embankment
United Kingdom

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Open Cinema

25 Mar 2015

Open Cinema

a collective adventure in digital filmmaking and sharing
March–October 2015


Open Cinema is an 8-month long digital film project that offers free training, a range of free events, and the opportunity to collaborate on the production of an exciting 2-day cinema event in Hackney.

Social CinemaWorking with artist Neil Cummings and a pool of film professionals and enthusiasts, we will collectively research, find and make digital films, put together a screening programme, build a temporary cinema and celebrate!

Open Cinema will promote collaborative learning, and explore the role of film in representing and reactivating places, with an emphasis on Hackney.   The project includes opportunities for training in:  collecting, digitization, editing, camera use,  audio recording and programming.

Open Cinema is open to people of all ages living and working in and around Hackney, who are interested in taking part in a collective adventure in digital filmmaking and sharing.     

Please contact Laurence Taylor for further information: info(at) or 07734 777 874.

Open School East
Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Road
London N15SQ


Open School East
43 De Beauvoir Road
N1 5SQ
United Kingdom

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live tracing

24 Mar 2015

tracing network of evaluation

UAL Values ABOUT: Cultures of Resilience (CoR) are the interwoven narratives, ideas, things and performances that, together, create the cultural fabric of an emerging sensibility: a resilient network capable of navigating the turbulence of our times. Art and Design practices have the potential to catalyse creative assemblies, to contribute to environmental stewardship and social renewal.

EVENT: CoR Exchange is a cross-University of the Arts London (UAL) event that will take place from the 23 to 28 of March 2015 . It's a component of a two year initiative instigated by Chair Ezio Manzini, the aim of which is to enhance the UAL’s contribution to a more resilient and sustainable society.

STRUCTURE: The CoR Exchange is where various research clusters present, perform and share their ongoing research.  The Exchange space will evolve as micro-events, temporary exhibitions, performances, discussion or short workshops leave various traces that accumulate into an evolving exhibition and archive.


London College of Communication
United Kingdom

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18 Feb 2015

‘[...]…when bubbles, individuals, or beings, human and non-human, amass and cohere, their influence on one another creates all manner of formal distortion.’

Hélène Frichot writing on Peter Sloterdijk


I participated in Assembling, a research exhibition and series of events curated by Amy McDonnell, at the Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts

Assembling explored why and how artists associate.


Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
United Kingdom

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Tracing values

10 Feb 2015

I'm part of an insurgent research group, inspired by a visit to MayDay Rooms, we are working through a range of research trajectories, one of which is Cultures of Resilience, and another an emerging Anthropocene Atlas.

My understanding of resilience,  is that it's the capacity of a bounded network - a person, bacterial culture, a forest, a city or an economy, to deal with change and continue to develop. It's the capacity to use shocks and disruption - like an infection, financial crisis or climate change, to spur renewal and creative practice. Resilience is a model to think through sustainable ways  to co-exist within our biosphere.