neil cummings

September 2015

Anthropocene walk 1

28 Jul 2015

erraticsIn March, an insurgent research group I am part of visited Genva to meet with artists, academics and activists at CCC, part of HEAD (Haute école d'art et de design). We were introduced to, and inspired by their nascent work on the Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (TAAG). Sensing large scale climatic changes and understanding how human activities are influencing these changes, is complex and challenging.  As a result, the reserachers in Geneva are working on micro-investigations in the city, developing local indicators, indicators we learnt to call erratics, of long term climatic change while identifying institutions and communities experimenting with resilience to the changes to come. You can read about our walks, meetings and presentations.

We borrowed some of their methods, and one of our London group, Karel Doing curated the first in our Anthropocene Walk(s), London. I took some tracings of the day and wrote into them later...


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