neil cummings

July 2016


04 Jul 2016

I participated in Fieldworks, a residential summer school at Hospitalfield.



Hospitalfield is an astonishing location just outside Arbroath in Scotland, its dedicated to contemporary art and ideas, and prides itself on being a place to work, study, learn, visit and enjoy.

In 1260 a Tironensian Benedictine order of monks built a hospital to accomodate pilgrims (I walked as a Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela in 2008)  visiting Arbroath Abbey, later the hospital was converted into a monastery. After the reformation the estate became privately owned and was acquired in 1664 by the Reverend James Fraser, and stayed in the Fraser family until 1890.

Hospitalfield House
DD11 2NH
United Kingdom

56.5591, -2.5915


08 Jul 2016

LVMH Lecture Theatre
Central Saint Martins
1 Granary Square
London, N1C 4AA

Coordinated by Ezio Manzini and Nick Bell, Culture of Resilience (CoR) was a cultural experiment that could be encapsulated by the following: take the community of academics of a large and prestigious university of art and design. Launch a discussion on a socially relevant topic, in this case resilience and register its results, in terms of ideas, projects and mutual exchange.

What emerged were ‘multiple visions’ of resilience, a complex set of narratives, values, ideas and projects that critically reflect on the socio-technical systems in which they are embedded.

The two year research project closed with a sharing event:

Weaving People and Places: How art and design is collaborating to (re)build communities-in-place

During the two years of the CoR project Ezio observed that, consciously or not, art and design brings people together in special ways, instigating social assemblies that foster new social connections and collaborations. Ezio therefore, encouraged all contributors to Weaving People and Places to give a short account of a specific Moment of Encounter. These are the very special moments in which new collaborative encounters were produced, moments in which two or more persons meet and do something together in a given place.


Central St Martins
1 Granary Building
Granary Square
United Kingdom

51.536256, -0.124354