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Timeline Intermediae

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We discuss how we are working on the idea of a timeline, as an interface to the archive and as an interface to Intermediae itself. The timeline could bridge digital and…

Intermediae Film

In July 2010 I started filming some test material for a film comissioned by Intermediae. In many ways it expresses the research of

Timeline v1.0

A week long working session, part of the Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess took…

17 Nov 2009
Working Session

The fourth of the Procesos de archivo /…

Museums and Archives always exist in the present, yet their endless ‘waiting without forgetting’ locates them in our imagined past.

Our own recent past has been marked by an increasing number of new museums, mushrooming around the globe.  The museum, or the idea of the museum - like a…

13 Jul 2009
Daniel García Andújar

28 May 2009
Jorge expert 1