neil cummings


18 Aug 2007
Parade KFKM screening

I contributed to: Decoder; 3rd Biennial for Video Art curated by Nav Haq

The invitation from Nav Haq to participate in…

01 Oct 1999
cafe construction


In October 1999 PhotoWorks invited myself and Marysia Lewandowska to undertake a residency in the…

25 Mar 2015
Open Cinema
Open Cinema

a collective adventure in digital filmmaking and sharing March–October 2015


Open Cinema is an 8-month long digital film project that offers free training, a range of free events, and the opportunity to collaborate on the…

26 Sep 2013
Enthusiasts publication

Invited by Roma Piotrowska,

17 Jul 2011
Enthusiasts poster

A selection of films  from the Enthusiasts Archive I co-founded is being exhibited as part of…