neil cummings


13 May 2012
Great Exhibition

We began, students, staff, experts and others as Exhibition Experiments.

The initial idea was, through collaboration…

22 Mar 2014
Working Session

I'm collaborating with Critical Practice and a group of Utopographers, towards

28 Mar 2014
Event Space Design

At a workshop - devised by Charlotte Knox-Williams - to design an event space for Utopography:…

19 Oct 2012
Shabaka Stone

CompDoc 191058:

Partial record of Victoria and Albert Museum's Bicentenary celebrations, 19. 09. 2057

Composite performs a human performing a live-thread recall.

[..] Well, its great to be here with you…

27 Nov 2013

What’s next? Kunst nach der Krise Edited by Johannes M. Hedinger and Torsten Meyer.

The script for

10 Oct 2012
Artists Work in Museums

I made a presentation as part of: Artists Work in…

22 Sep 2013
#floodplain (beta)

I have been collaborating with 51% Studios, and we have been selected by The Architecture Foundation, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and the Royal Academy of Arts, to share our research as part of London…

19 Sep 2013

I participated in the inaugural workshop

Utopography: Imaging, representing and critiquing imagined worlds organised by the Arts and Science Fiction research group, the Department of Things to Come at…

23 Jul 2013
Lapdogs Storyboard

Draft storyboard/shooting script for Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie, imagining…

22 Jul 2013
to continue

In 1968, at the interface between minimal and conceptual art practices Richard Serra compiled a Verb List to account for actions that could be done to, or with specific materials. The list was published in The New Avant-Garde: Issues for the Art of the Seventies (1972).