neil cummings

Analogue bug-fix

There are seminar chairs, abandoned in rooms and offices all over Chelsea College of Art and Design, they have a bug.

Bamboo frame

When stacked, the sharp bottom edge of the front top-rail eventually cuts through the seat webbing of the chair below. The seats eventually sag, they became uncomfortable, unsafe, and eventually unused.

These chairs are abandoned in seminar room corners throughout the College.

We decided to fix the bug. A flash mob convened, and we hacked the chairs with upcycled materials.

Working with David Cross and Charlotte Webb, we found skipped sweet pea canes and wove them into the extant seat webbing.

We wove three chairs together to make a chaise longue.





See the related One person's Trash is another's Treasure or Waste, I've also made a bamboo bicycle some market stalls, I tried to grapple with the possibilities offered by jigs and I've have written more generally about things.




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