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ArchivalprocessI'm working on a research project with Intermediæ entitled Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess.

Intermediæ is an experimental programme for contemporary creative practice developed by the Cultural Department of the City Government of Madrid. Active for 2 years, Intermediae is a process, through which they are constructing an immanent institution. Through their development they have evolved three structural axes: creation as a means for research and production, process for continual experimentation and reflection, and participation as a commitment to their publics.

Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess is a reflection on, and a set of artistic projects that explore the construction of an archive of Intermediæ's activities. How can we assemble, present and make available to the public, an archive of an institution conceived as process, and committed to participation?

We understand that public Archives, like collections in Museums and Galleries are built with the property of multiple authors and previous owners. But unlike the collection, there is no imperative within the conventional logic of the archive, to exhibit, display or interpret its holdings.

Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess will take this conventional archival logic and introduce the possibilities introduced by the convergence of new technologies – software, licenses, digitalization, etc, and new modes of interaction.  For Intermediæ Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess, has the potential to reveal a new exhibitionary space,  build a new public resource, and a new suite of tools for creative engagement and exchange.

ArchivalprocessAs part of the process we are proposing a series of individual ‘working sessions’ with ‘experts’ in the field to share knowledge on the limits, responsibilities, and challenges involved in the collective creation of archives like those of Intermediæ. These sessions will not be open to the public, but will be recorded for the future archive.

We have built a hub at Intermediæ, some guests already invited are artist and amateur archivist Jorge Blasco Gallardo, philosopher Bernard Stiegler, tate archivist Sue Breakell, director and librarian Miren Eraso, future archivists Valeria Graziano and Manuela Zechner, philosopher Pablo Jarauta, and theatre group Compañía Puctum, among others.

Read about the Working Sessions

The first working session with Jorge Blasco Gallardo

The second with Daniel García Andújar

The third with Miren Eraso

The fourth with archivist Sue Breakell.

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