neil cummings


28 Oct 2010


The Arnolfini will be fifty years old in 2011, and I've been commissioned by curator Nav Haq to work on project during the year. I'm collaborating with the archivist Julian Warren. We are working on producing something like a self-portrait of the Arnolfini, enabling the institution to represent itself through its records, and dream its futures.

While mining the archive we are experimenting with a series of huge data portraits that we imagine will fill the social spaces of the Arnolfini, especially the atrium. 

The project will be lanched in February 2011, and develop and mutate during the year.

As part of the research I will contribute to an Arnolfini's Futures: a workshop with staff on 24th January 2011

Its closely related to the Archival Process project at Intermediae in Madrid.

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