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Bamboo bicycle

05 Feb 2014

I've been cycling since I can remember, and assembled, ridden and maintained bikes most of my adult life. I have never made a bicycle from scratch though.........

I was researching, and read about the Bamboo Bicycle Club.

They offer workshops to provide the knowledge and tools for people to make their own bamboo bike frame, with custom geometry. You sign-up, pay, decide what kind of frame you'd like to make, send measurements, and then in two intense days of a weekend workshop self assemble a bespoke frame...... I wanted to make a slightly compressed road bike.

Bamboo bicycle and beehive

And I made this frame; from ready-made metal bottom bracket, seat insert and head-tube, custom stainless drop-outs (thanks James), and Moso bamboo, with joints wrapped with woven hemp and two-part epoxy. Flintstonesque.

Two weeks later, after amassing all the components, I went back to the club and assisted by James, assembled my road bike.

The front derailleur and water bottle rack were hemped on, and pretty much everything else (including threading the drop-out lug for the rear-derailleur) went to plan.

It rides beautifully. It's fast, very fast, nimble, and smooth too!!

If it, or I, do not crack too much, we'll ride the London to Brighton as part of Chelsea Cadence this year..... see below

More recently, I also made a Table Lamp, and some market stalls. I tried to grapple with the possibilities offered by jigs and I've have written more generally about things.


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