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Brilliant & Dark

Wow! I went to see an amazing performance created by Eileen Simpson and Ben White of Open Music Archive.

Open Music Archive I worked with Ben and Eileen on Screen Tests.

Anyway, they invited the extraordinary 22 piece women's choir Gaggle to reinterpret The Brilliant and the Dark, a 1969 cantata for 1,000 women's voices and to perform it live at The Women's Library.

In addition, the vocalist Ellen Southern created a new copyleft remix score, which was also performed live.

The Open Music Archive is a collaborative project to source, digitise, and redistribute out of copyright music.

For The Brilliant and the Dark Ben and Eileen remixed the music and lyrics of the original composition, collaborated with musicians and performers and produced a new music video. Filmed on location in The Women's Library the video re-animates the original 1969 performance of the cantata at the Royal Albert Hall.

All creative work is born into copyright; every image, text or sound is automatically designated as the property of its apparent author. Copyright is founded on the right of exclusion, and even material deposited in Public Archives is considered a property, access to which is subject to the generosity of archivists and keepers. Effectively copyright restricts the creative re-use of public resources.

Ben and Eillen's projects explore these tensions.

Open Music ArchiveThrough negotiation, reinterpretation and the re-staging of the first performance, including some of the 1960's costumes  - documented by photographs held in the Library‚Äôs archive - Ben and Eileen have created anew The Brilliant and the Dark.

Watch the beautiful video on vimeo, or another Open Music Archive project Play It Again

I've collaborated with Ben and Eilleen, on Screen Tests, Social Cinema, and Enthusiasts.

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