neil cummings

Chelsea Cadence

21 Jun 2010

Some of us from Chelsea College of Art have formed a cycling team, Chelsea Cadence. Although 'team' may be too ambitious a term, maybe cluster, flock..huddle.....rabble..

Anyway. we took part, alongside 27,991 other people in the annual London to Brighton cycle run. It was great fun.

Brian's medal

Team Leader Leo Clarey

Domestiques Brian Chalkley, Hayley Newman, David Musgrave, Marsha Bradfield, Keith Thomas, Laurence Kavanagh, Anthony Reeves and myself.

 See what happened the following year, when we had some proper shirts.












Related projects include the bamboo bicycle I made, and a Summer Cycling.

50.819166, -0.133037

Finish - Brighton
Brighton Esplanade
B5 5RS
United Kingdom

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