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Finale Symposium

02 Dec 2011

Self Portrait: ArnolfiniI will be in Plymouth to participate in the Finale Symposium for the British Art Show 7. With Tom Trevor, Director of the Arnolfini and using Self Portrait Arnolfini as our guide, we performatively inhabited 2061 and recalled from composite memory, how we got there. 

 Singularity is overwritten by difference

With the evolution of assemblies for replication, singularity is overwritten by difference.

Everything is at once singular, everything can be narrated into singularity. Yet nothing is singular, everything can be bedded down into a flow of precedents and antecedents. The singular only exist at the level of the ideology, it disappears as we advance towards it. The singular is in essence a generic artefact, assembled from the minute and relative differences from within a defined series.  And this drive to replicate, image for image, object to object, sound to sound, word for word is how we make the know world, and, that world known to one another.

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The Finale Symposium will explore what will the art world look like in 2061, at the time of the next major comet.

The two-day symposium will bring artists, curators, scientists and academics together to investigate art’s current conditions and explore its future possibilities.

It is organised into two strands:

Firstly, it investigates the precarious conditions under which we produce art, against a backdrop of the financial crisis, austerity measures, and the increased privatisation of communications networks and public services

Secondly, it speculates on the future of contemporary art, its institutions and practices of exhibition making, and alternatives for art education.

The art world is ever more vulnerable yet remains a crucial site of production of ideas and concepts.

The overall programme has been designed to examine the international context of contemporary art, related to the specific context of Plymouth and the South West region, bringing together artists, curators, scientists, theorists and critics, to explore the future of contemporary art.

Venue: Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth PL4 8AT
Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December

Speakers: Franco Berardi Bifo, Kevin Carter, Geoff Cox, Neil Cummings, Edith Doove, Freee, Joasia Krysa, Lisa Le Feuvre, Anya Lewin, Robert Jackson, Roger Malbert, Malcolm Miles, Vlad Morariu, Tom Morton, Andrew Prior, Helen Pritchard, Project Space 11, Edgar Schmitz, Stevphen Shukaitis, Judith Staines, Iain Stewart, Kuba Szreder, Tom Trevor, Magda Tyzlik-Carver,, Pieternel Vermoortel (FormContent), Clayton Welham, (whynotassociates)

Admission £20,  concessions £15.

Advance booking is essential – 

or call 01752 203434

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50.3733, -4.1373

Plymouth College of Art
Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

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