neil cummings

The Future of Art

01 Oct 2010

"There is conflict blossoming at the heart of culture, a conflict convened around the property rights that subsist in materials stored in public archives"

Screen Tests


I participated in The Future of Art, Archives and Special Collections a collaborative event organised by Tate's Library & Archive and Chelsea College of Art & Design. 

In the archive, and surrounded by relevant materials we had a really vibrant discussion around future access to art and art archives, futures embedded in the past, and more general issues of access and redistribution of knowledge. My contribution was informed by working with Intermediae on the Procesos de Archivo project, in making Museum Futures and Screen Tests.

Other contributors included:
Roshini Kempadoo - Reader in Media Practice, University of East London
Daniel McClean - lawyer and curator
Jo Melvin - Researcher and lecturer, CCW, Chelsea
Clive Phillpot - ex-Librarian at Chelsea and at MOMA, NYC
Professor David Garcia - Dean of Chelsea at CCW
Nana Ocran - editorial consultant, researcher and writer
Linda Sandino - Senior Research Fellow, CCW and V&A
Dr Maria Tamboukou - from the Centre for Narrative Research
Dr Dan Smith - Researcher and lecturer, Chelsea at CCW
Prof. Eileen Hogan
Jane Collins - Reader in Theatre Studies

Archives, like collections are built with the property of multiple authors and previous owners, although unlike the collection, an archive designates a territory - and not a particular narrative. There is no imperative, within the logic of the archive, to display or interpret. And therefore the meanings of the things contained are 'up-for-grabs'. It's a discursive terrain.


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