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Guernica WhitechapelOn the 1st October 2008 I screened Museum Futures at Intermediae in Madrid.

Intermediæ is an initiative of the Arts Department of Madrid City Council. It opened in 2007 and is located in the Matadero (former abattoir) in the Legazpi district of the city. It provides Madrid with an arena for contemporary creative arts in which the City Council acts as a catalyst for creativity and its publics.

Intermediæ’s defining characteristic and purpose is process, to make and remake relationships between publics, their city council and creativity. 

Intermediæ aspires to extend its processes and practices to other institutions: public and private, local, national and international.

 As you can imagine, there was a good correspondence to what Intermediæ aspires to, and many of the themes in the film.

Intermediæ is also committed to build shared resources for all its contributors, participants and publics. We are developing a project together over the coming months entitled Procesos de archivo /Archivalprocess .



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