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Laboral Centre of Art and Creation

I spent the summer in Gijon, in northern Spain and visited LABoral.

LABoral is a centre for Art and Industrial Creation, it's an exhibition centre for art, science, technology and advanced visual industries.

LABoral is run through a non-profit foundation comprising corporations and institutions, founded expressly to ensure the intellectual and financial feasibility of the centre.

The project was developed under the auspices of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

LABoral aims to...

  • Become an international reference for art, science and new technologies by encouraging the creation of highly qualified productions.
  • Foster international dialogue between creators, scientists and other experts.
  • Discover new values in art and industrial creativity (emerging and through experimentation).
  • Promote interaction with wide audiences, and encourage knowledge and appreciation of new trends in art, science and technology.
  • Nurture industrial art creation in Asturias and distibute its knowledge and appreciation in international art circuits, thus contributing to the creation of a cutting-edge and innovative image for Asturias.

Laboral Centre of Art and Creation

To achieve these goals, the contents, programmes and activities of LABoral  revolve around five strategic axes:

  • exhibition and dissemination
  • research
  • training
  • production
  • and other programmes


 LABoral is an example of some of the interesting institutions emerging in Spain, and in many ways is a sister organization to Intermediae




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43.5241, -5.614

LABoral City of Culture
261, Calle Luis Moya Blanco
33203 Gijón Asturias

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