neil cummings

Workers Leaving

1895,  cast in period costume

1. Establishing shot:

Mid shot: Large wooden factory gates.

Fade from black

Gates swing open, and workers stream from the factory; women, men, children, dogs, a few bicycles and eventually a horse drawn carriage.

2. Floating camera pulls back and slightly-up

Extreme close-up: The scene unfolding is seen to be on-screen.

3. Floating camera continues to pull back

Close-up:  The screen is of a mobile phone.

4. Floating camera continues to pull back

Medium close-up: Mobile phone recording the workers leaving the factory.

Fade to black

Total Duration: 47sec.

Workers leaving the factory


This is my contribution for (the) Evidence, you can see an early version of Workers Leaving the Factory by the Lumiere Brothers, perhaps the first film ever made. Or another archival film project Screen Tests.

Submitted by neil on 19 January, 2010 - 12:27