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Questions of Value - From Commons to Communomics: Resisting Privatization

If we are to think through structures of evaluation, even momentarily, we have to grapple with money.

Someone has to do it.

Money represents only %2 of the financial value in circulation, and yet nestles in every pocket, purse or consciousness.

Nationally denominated monies – that store, easily transfer and index wealth - have overwritten alternatives.

I’m learning to invest in the future, and to speculate.

A future for money will explore micro-currencies that circulate value in specific communities, to resist State expropriation.

And macro-monies, commons based currencies emerging in networks of trust, co-production and abundance that existed before, and will flourish again, as faith in States and their currencies, evaporate.

Satre, Deller, me

Speakers: Christophe Bruno, Neil Cummings, Open Music Archive, Toni Prug, Stevphen Shukaitis

Moderated by: Kuba Szreder

The Politicized Practice Research Group (PPRG) and Radar are initiating a new events series devoted to the critical examination and evaluation of social forms through which 'values' are produced, perpetuated and extracted in contemporary society and economies, in arts and culture.

The sessions will invite a number of speakers and thinkers from a range of disciplines to share their thoughts and ideas on the subject of value.

We will develop a particular focus on contemporary art, also inviting artists who address questions of value through, in and with their practice.

The Questions of Value events aim to explore the variety of modes of valorisation, through which certain objects, ways of living, emotions, and even human beings are rendered as 'valuable' while others are neglected as unwanted and disposable.  T

he series will review and assess some of the contemporary debates and theories in which the concept of 'value' is central, from economics and ethics to mathematics and semiotics. The seminars will encompass a wide range of subjects, including the semiotics of speculation and the economics of financial capitalism, as well as contemporary forms of appropriating and extracting value.

Convened by: Corina Oprea and Kuba Szreder

There is no financial price to attend, but places are limited:

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