neil cummings

Mari table 2

16 Apr 2017


Inspired by Enzo Mari and his autoprogettazione furniture series from 1974, at Easter I made a table from standard dimension rough-cut Galician pine.

I hacked the design - cutting fancy angles for the cross rails and leg supports - but my hat is still well and truly tipped; the engineering -counter braced triangles-  is brilliant.

The table is rigid, sturdy and beautiful, if ever there's an earthquake I'll be under it, and, I only used hand tools.


Here's a photocopy of the autoprogettazione [self-made or self-design] booklet, with designs, cutting logs and assembly instructions for all the furniture in the series.






















I've also made a prototype chair, an upcycled garden version of the table from an old door, a lamp for my table, a bed base, market stalls, a bamboo bicycle and some films about home too.


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Llanes Asturias

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