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Platform presentation

Platform PublicationAt 6.30, on the 19th June, at Chelsea College of Arts, as part of the Chelsea Clusters centenary celebrations, Prof. Neil Cummings will perform a live-thread recall.

Highlights will obviously include;

2’56 when the clusters sponsored article, Article 39 was added to the UN-Multitude Declaration of Human Rights, 2’54 when Composite went live, the first Simpatia Building in Fortaleza in 2’39, the new nodes in Brazil, regions in the Indian Multitude, and West Africa, 2’25 legendary Ex Habere: The Practice of Exhibition research project, Chelsea’s devolution from the UAL, the impact of the Art Auction Transaction Tax, and much, much else besides.





See the original document (CompDoc 25-96473fz36-3541), read the complete transcript, or see the beautiful accompanying publication More things can happen than will, or have designed by Metod Blejec, it contains the narrative architecture.








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