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Writing throught the already written

Writing through the already written is an evolving and experimental curatorial practice.
It takes the form of something-like a treasure hunt, the most recent trial was in central London.

Critical Practice








We are developing the - in this case photographic- treasure hunt as part of Critical Practice.

Critical Practice are a cluster of artists, researchers and academics hosted by Chelsea College of Arts. We have a longstanding interest in art, public goods, spaces, services and knowledge, and a track record of producing original, participatory events.

Treasure Hunt Tester: London

DATE: Tuesday 15. March 2011
TIME: 6.30pm
LOCATION: Covent Garden Tube Station, London
DURATION: 70 minutes

Proposed Treasure:

Metod: Numbers form 1 to 100.
Neil: Letters of Critical Practice
Phil: Taking pictures of the notion of time
Karem: Taking pictures of tourists taking pictures
Dan: Taking pictures of as many shop price labels
Sharon: Taking pictures of as many different animals as possible

By rough consensus we take Neil's proposal and amend it by adding a rule:

Take pictures of letters consecutively to spell Critical Practice, and the person with the most words/iterations 'wins'.

And we were off........

You can see how the project developed here.

The project is related to Trash into TreasureWaste and partly inspired #TransActing


51.513, -0.1242

Covent Garden Tube
Long Acre
United Kingdom

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