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I bough a cheap classic 'Andalusian' wooden chair. They're super-popular all over Spain. Unfortunately the straight legs and back made the chair very uncomfortable, almost unusable. Nobody sat on it out of choice.

So I decided to hack the chair. I sawed the back off and removed a thin horizontal wedge from the uprights. I then sawed and chisel-cut vertical channels in the remaining legs and removed back to insert a small boomerang shaped plywood flitch.

With the flitch located I reattached the back, glued and secured with thin pegs. Now the back has a more relaxed nine degree angle. Its much, much more comfortable. I removed the seat and with some left over paint, painted the chair.

Reassembled, the chair is comfortable, very comfortable and perfect for an Enzo Mari inspired dinner/work table I made a few years ago, while it's modification was made all the easier by a low workbench I had assembled. 

I'm slowly learning to live with less and experimenting with how to consume fewer resources. As part of these processes I'm making some of the things I might need or want.







Related projects include a bamboo bicycle, a bench, I've tried to grapple with the possibilities offered by jigs and more generally written about things.


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