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I'm slowly learning to live with less and experimenting with how to consume fewer resources. As part of these processes I'm making some of the things I might need or want. I recently made a bench.


The bench is to sit at the Enzo Mari-inspired dinner/work table I made a few years ago, while its construction was made all the easier by a low workbench I had assembled. 

Like on the workbench the legs are cut down pick handles bought from a local hardware store (Ferreteria). I'm not sure what the wood is, although its obviously tensile and tough, cheap too. After cutting to length, this time I tapered both ends of the legs, this lends the bench a kind of springy lightness as it touches the floor.

Tenons flared with wedges hold the legs into the planed and chamfered plank seat. I made sure they are well splayed, but still within the width and length of the top so there's little chance of snagging your foot and tripping.The seat's relatively thin, which is why the legs also pass through stopped sliding dovetailed rails (underneath) to make sure they're well housed.

The bench is similar to thousands of others found in rural communities, its form developed from persistent needs, easily available and replaceable materials, simple tools and limited craft skills. A commons.

The bench is light, stiff and stable, useful at the table and also for sitting outside.


Related projects include a bamboo bicycle and some market stalls, I tried to grapple with the possibilities offered by jigs and I've have written more generally about things.


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